Si comel & encem

Remember ...

        Kekadang aku saje je tenung henpon ni lelama. Why? Cause I'm waiting for your name to pop up along with a text. Even a simple one. Even a simple regards from you could made my day.

      Crazy tho how fast things changes. From a simple Hello , an everyday texts, to a love quotes and a phone calls.

         Sedar tak sedar , it has been 3 years . You were there through my ups and downs.

Sometimes we act all awkward.

Sometimes we act all lovey dovey like a lost little pups.

Sometimes we fought for a meaningless things.

Even sometimes..we like any normal people. like a best friend. share all those midnight thoughts. flirt and teases.

Remember when you called me just to hear my rambling?

Remember when I called you just to hear your voice?

The day you called me for no apparent reason. and when I ask you to sing random songs while I did my assignments.

Or when you called me ; knowing that I miss your company.

Never thought that I would get this attached to you. I swear that I'm not a clingy person. But when with you, it's a different thing.

Trust me. I've been asking myself everyday. why him? Do I even realize what type of path I choose?  The risk?


But hey, I was born a fighter . Hahaha. I'll fight for what I believe. even if it's seems unreasonable or how imaginative ny dreams are ; I would still choose to believe in our path.

See you when we're better for each other. for now, keep chasing your dream as I did the same.

p/s : Dear awak, kumpul duit sesiap ea. Kot la ade jodoh & rezeki, awak kena siapkan bas untuk rombongan ke Johor nanti. Kehkehkeh. Take care wherever you are.

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