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Practiccum SIC P4

Assalamualaikum. .hye alls
Haven't updated my blog since a while longer. .
Alhamdulillah. .still in process of suiting myself with college lifestyle. .
Haven't improve that much but more or less..
Everything happen to be in it's own place..

Timetable kind of hardly to be followed. .
Few things might came up in the middle. .
As in kena jumpa lecturer for some advices nor tips..
Kena skip meals nak kejar study group which I found didn't really help me up..
Mungkin sebab I'd never ever joining any group discussion. .all this while, study by own even duduk sebelah menyebelah dengan besties..

Woww..even dah di tetapkan practiccum group. .
Well I'm in SIC P4..
There's a few yang changed their courses causing a new timetable has to be done..
Same goes to practiccum group. .
Akan di rombak and Allah only knows my feeling..
Eventhough baru 3 weeks be with them (my practiccum-ers) .. rase bonding tu kuat giler..
With only 3 putera's and the rest 9 puteri's..
Kitorang still boleh get along like we have known each other since born..
If u guys read this. . I'm thankful to be with all of u..
Even ade yg akan change to others practiccum, and tutorials group. .
Do keep in touch in WhatsApp ya..

The Putera's

- zatul - muba-iqa-Shaf-husna-suzana-zue-tasha-
The Puteri's

Ahaks..I'm a bit emo plak midnight nih..
Lupekan..speaking bersepah pulak tu..
Just share my days here..
Making friends with the LOL person ever..

The future doctors and engineers are here..
We are those who will fight for DR. (Doctor) & IR. (Engineer) in front of our name..
in shaa Allah. .ameen for us..

Ps : 4 flat in shaa Allah. .pray for us..
No, pray for all KMKt_ers..
Kolej Matrikulasi Kelantan. .

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