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Iftar with the Girls

Assalamualaikum alls..
Kita dah masuk 10 malam terakhir Ramadhan..
Masjid2 seluruh negara mesti di penuhi umat manusia yang sama-sama ingin mengimarahkan masjid...

28 July lepas..
Me with the Girls..
#Mie Ming  and #BisikanRahsia
having Iftar together at BR's restaurant..we also celebrate BR's birthday yang ke 17th..
hooyeaahh..sweet 17th BR..

At first,I thought me with the girls won't have enough time to chit-chat..gossips..and etc..
well..its an Iftar..also a birthday celebration..the birthday girl would be busy with makan-makan and mixes with her families..iyelah..dah all her aunties and uncles pon ade...

It would be unfair for her to just layan kawan2 dia me with Mie Ming biarkan aje la si BR ke hulu ke hilir..for the first time..die smile all days..and i was thinking what gum did she used? ehehe.. 

but of course..nothing could break the bond between us..she finally sat down with us..and we FINALLY get to chit-chat sambil makan-makan..cut the cake..sing a song..and of course..SNAP some are some that we managed to snap!!
This is us.. Me, Mie Ming and BR ( the birthday girl)

This is it..the CAKE..!!! super yummy
BR said : aq beli yg healthy utk korang melantak.!! -___-
Suap2 the birthday girl..kasi comot mulut die..
I seriously hate this part..Mie Ming try to suap me..
but she slumber je suap kasi comot..!!

Both MieMing and BR..the girls i love to pick a fight with..
but know 1 thing..they're worth to die for..

Ayu giler kitorang posing..
MieMing: this 1 i love it..nampak macam wanita2 melayu terakhir..
Me wit BR : that an insult or compliment ey??!!

Always wit that 'peace' sign..saba aje la..

BR : kau potong la dlu..
Me: what? its your birthday,BR!!
BR: its still the same lorh..
Me: first..

While we still bertekak about who should cut the cake first..
Mie Ming : hoi..cut it out..potong sesame la..birthday korang pun same tarikh kan..
seorang 28 Jun ( its me) sorang 28 July (BR)..
or you guys prefer some backhand from me?

Me wit BR : OK!!

hahaa..the rest is history..

P/s: gonna miss you guys..wish all the best for SPM 2013..!! (>,<)

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