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Old Memories | 3 RK Ibnu Sina

Assalamualaikum..kon nichiwa..

         Kalau ade yang pernah baca post zatul dulu tentang rakan -rakan zatul di tingkatan 3 yang zatul rindu sesangat. hei..ini baru teringat nak upload full movie rakan-rakan seperjuangan mase kami 'menentang' ( ececeh..ayat kau zatul) peperiksaan PMR 2011..

        Some of them we're still with me while some have move on thier life to another school..yes we're scatterred all around JB even some of my friends has gone to Kedah and Pahang but we still keep on contacting each others. well,we lived in millenium zone,thus there;s nothing could stop us from keep in touch till now. futhermore,we're now preparing ourself for a new war.. SPM ( Semua Pelajar Mati) ehehe..juz an acronime made by my friend..

         Anyway,enjoy yourself watching this :

P/s : maaf kalau yang rase annoying sebab
zatul asyik speaking memanjang.
mood nak speaking.. ehehe  :)

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